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Q. Do you take commissions?

Sometimes, it all depends on my schedule and other projects that I have going on currently.  Before you contact me about commissions please take a look at my portfolio and see if what you want is the kind of artwork that I do.  If you want a cute animal doing something funny, I'm your gal.  If you want an accurate rendering of an architectural wonder...I may not be the right choice.  P.S. I am always interested in larger commercial projects such as illustrating children's books.  

Q. I love a painting that you did last year but I see that it was sold.  Will you be making prints?

Probably not.  I pick and choose what I make prints of very carefully based on what I think people will want to buy and the quality I think I can get from a digital print.  Not everything I do is right for prints.  I will also almost NEVER make prints of a commissioned painting unless the owner of the original has given me specific permission. 

Q. I want to buy a painting you just posted on Instagram but you said it is for an upcoming event.  Can I reserve it?

Sorry, but no.  I am so happy you want to live with my art but I try and create a body of new work for every event that I do that matches the "feel" or theme of that event so I can draw new fans to my social media following.  If I adopted all my work to the same small group of "super fans" all the time (love you guys by the way) it would be very difficult for me to continue to grow my business.